Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

"Preserve Your Eggs Now to Create the Family of Your Dreams in the Future"

Cryo-vitrification, also known as “egg freezing,” has transformed women’s prospects of having children at a later stage of life. This rapid freezing method ensures that unfertilized female eggs can be frozen without harming the cellular structure. Consequently, we can freeze these eggs and, at a later point, safely thaw them for use in in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. We take great pride in being at the forefront of providing women with innovative options for preserving their fertility.

Egg Freezing process

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Egg Freezing .

Why Freeze Your Eggs?

An increasing number of women are opting to postpone pregnancy until their late thirties and early forties. Cryo-vitrification offers women the opportunity to freeze their eggs during their younger years, thus safeguarding their fertility and diminishing the risks of miscarriage and birth defects that are linked to the aging of eggs.

Is Egg Freezing An Option For Me?

In addition to women seeking to preserve their fertility for future pregnancies, egg freezing offers a valuable solution for patients who are about to undergo radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery. These medical treatments can potentially lead to infertility as they can harm a woman’s eggs. Depending on the specific treatment, egg freezing presents an opportunity for women facing cancer to safeguard their fertility prior to undergoing therapy.

Egg Freezing treatment

What The Egg Freezing Process Entails

  • Collaborating with your physician to perform diagnostics and develop a personalized care strategy.
  • Getting your body ready for the process of egg retrieval.
  • Utilizing surgical methods to collect the eggs.
  • Cryopreserving your eggs and storing them until a future time of need.
  • Returning to the reproductive clinic in the future to thaw and use your preserved eggs.
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