Male Infertility

Male Infertility

Fertility Care Tailored for Your Best Chance of Success.

Integrated Male Fertility Care

We provide a comprehensive approach to male fertility care, ensuring a seamless experience for men. By collaborating with experienced local male reproductive urologists, we grant access to an extensive array of male fertility services and treatments.

Male Fertility Assessment (Sperm)

Our Male Fertility Assessment (Sperm) offers:

  • An in-clinic semen analysis and baseline assessment
  • Lifestyle and behavioral recommendations to improve sperm quality
  • Access to digital male fertility education materials
  • Referrals for telehealth and/or in-person appointments with male fertility urology specialists, if necessary.

Male Fertility Workup

The Male Fertility Workup includes:

  • An initial evaluation
  • Physical examination or ultrasound
  • Bloodwork, and a tailored treatment plan

Your male fertility specialist will determine if additional diagnostic testing is necessary, helping us create your personalized Male Fertility Treatment Plan.

A Range Of Male Fertility Services

  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (Sperm)
  • Second Opinions
  • Fertility Preservation for individuals with sperm (Sperm Freezing)
  • Gender Affirmation Care
  • Percutaneous surgical sperm retrieval for IVF (PESA or TESE)
  • Testicular microdissection
  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Varicocele and bilateral varicocele repairs
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